We would love for you to join the ECAC Family! Before registering, any potential swimmer must complete a placement trial. 


A tryout lasts about 10 minutes and will allow your swimmer to be properly placed in our program. After your swimmer has been assigned a training group, you will receive an email with his/her group information, the current practice schedule and the steps to complete registration. After registration is complete and your swimmer(s) has been approved in our system, you will receive a confirmation email with your account and log in information. 


All transfer swimmers, (any swimmer who has been previously registered with USA Swimming and was a part of another club) must complete a Transfer Form. The form can be found on our website under the "Resouces" tab.



  • The participant must be 5 years old at the time of registration.


  • The participant must meet the minimum swimming and diving requirements set forth by the coaching staff:

    • The participant must be able to swim one lap of the pool.

    • The participant must be able to float on back.

    • The participant must be able to touch the bottom of the pool (approx. 4ft deep).


  • The participant (if over the age of 18) or the parent/legal guardian must register online and accept all waivers and policies electronically. 


  • The participant must be fully registered and pay the full amount due before being admitted. 


  • The participant must maintain a paid balance on his/her account with East Coast Aquatic Club for all training fees, meet fees and other charges. 


  • The participant must abide by all rules and regulations of Aqua Crest Pool and the East Coast Aquatic Club