WINTER INVITE RECAP | Nov. 21-22, 2020


Congratulations to all of the ECAC swimmers who participated in the Winter Invite this past weekend!

ECAC had a total of 19 athletes compete!

  • Liam Alexander - First swim meet!

  • Anna Auld

  • Grace Auld

  • Alejandro Bahos

  • Sophia Cooke - First swim meet!

  • Gwen Himber - First swim meet with ECAC!

  • Alexandra Jimenez - First swim meet with ECAC!

  • Carolina Kennedy - First swim meet!

  • Tommy Kennedy - First swim meet!

  • Alex Lucas - First swim meet with ECAC!

  • Vicky Lucas - First swim meet with ECAC!

  • Sivan Moran

  • Eva Patz - First swim meet!

  • Matthew Pisciotto - First swim meet!

  • Chloe Steigner - First swim meet!

  • Jonah Wides - First swim meet with ECAC!

  • David Yost

  • Remi Young

  • Rheya Young


Over the course of the two days, Anna Auld of the National Group had 2 First Place finishes, 2 Second Place finishes and 1 Third. David Yost (National) posted a best time in the 200 Backstroke and placed top 5 in all of this events.

Alejandro Bahos (Silver) places second in the 200 IM and 3rd in the 100 IM.

Grace Auld, Gwen Himber, Alexandra Jimenez, Alex Lucas and Vicky Lucas in the Senior group posted best times, showed team leadership and cheered their teammates on!

Sophia Cooke, Carolina Kennedy, Sivan Morag, Eva Patz, and Remi Young in the Bronze group all competed in a 100 yrd event (100 Free or 100 IM) and rocked it! This is a huge deal as they are all 8&under swimmers!! Liam Alexander, Tommy Kennedy, Matthew Pisciotto, Chloe Steigner, Jonah Wides and Rheya Young in the Silver Group all posted best times and cheered on their team mates!

Awesome job to all of the swimmers!

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